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MOLval,’s Indicative Project Valuation Application, provides its users high-level indicative valuations for gold, copper, nickel (sulphide only and not laterities) and iron (hematite only) projects which are based on actual historical sales data.

The Transaction Metrics database behind MOLval provides a summary of the project sale values on a per ounce/pound/tonne basis for gold, copper, nickel and iron projects over the last 5 years across the globe.  Projects are categorised into mine lifecycle stages: (Advanced) Exploration, Development, Operation and Care & Maintenance.

See Definitions to better understand the mine lifecycle stages and transaction metrics.


General Terms of Use

By using the Indicative Project Valuation Application, MOLval you agree that makes no representation or warranty, express or implied that the indicative valuations provided by way of Transaction Resource or Reserve Multiples are accurate or error free (including the potential for errors in the algorithms and formulae used to estimate the indicative valuations) and that any Project will achieve any value (including a zero or a negative value if associated liabilities are taken into account).

You also agree that’s Indicative Project Valuation Application, MOLval is only an approximate guide to a potential valuation range and that this range may be materially wrong, misleading or completely incorrect.

Project valuations are subject to many factors both quantitative and qualitative and include the expertise of the Project management team, the quality of the preparation of all technical information, mining risk, processing risk, metallurgical risk, jurisdictional risk, environmental risk, geotechnical risk, hydrological risk, seismic risk, funding risk, counterparty risk, legal risk and many other risks that may become evident in the future.

Furthermore, historic valuations are no guarantee of future valuations and all Users of’s Indicative Project Valuation Application, MOLval should seek independent expert advice on all aspects of potential acquisition or sale transactions.

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